TGLD diodes

TopGaN is manufacturing engineering samples of laser diodes emitting in the spectral range from 420 up to 460 nm. These devices are assembled in 5.6 mm (TO-56) packages.


Laser diode arrays

TopGaN develops multi-Watt range laser diode array emiting UV-violet-blue region. TopGaN’s ambition is to provide simple, monolitic emitters able to replace multiple-laser diode designs used at present.

Nitride epi wafers

TopGaN is offering customized wafers of (AlGaIn)N epi structures.

The structures include those for HEMTs, LEDs and LDs. They can be grown on GaN bulk substrates, sapphire, SiC and Si (up to 4 inch diameter).

The customers are encouraged to contact us to get additional information on the properties of the epi-wafers desired.