About TopGaN

TopGaN, a company founded in 2001, is one of the pioneers in the development of gallium nitride based technologies in Europe.

TopGaN was a second company in Europe to demonstrate violet laser diodes and since then it introduced many innovative technologies in the field of nitride emitters, including:

  • Laser diodes structures on “plasmonic” substrates,
  • Molecular Beam Epitaxy growth of gallium nitride laser diode structures,
  • Multi-Watts laser diode arrays and mini-arrays,
  • Demonstration of high power blue-violet superluminescent diodes,
  • Multiple wavelengths laser diode arrays.

TopGaN is focusing on close cooperation with its customers to adapt the best its products to the market.


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Mike Leszczynski

TopGaN vice-president

Mike Leszczynski – head of MOVPE lab, professor at the Institute of High Pressure Physics, in TopGaN responsible for R&D activity. Author and coauthor of about 250 papers on nitride semiconductors. Coordinator of about 20 projects in national level and of about 10 workpackages in EU projects.

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Michal Bockowski

TopGaN vice-president

Dr. Michal Bockowski received the M. Sc. Eng. in Solid State Physics from the Warsaw University of Technology, Poland and the Ph.D. in the Chemistry of Solids 1995 from the University Montpellier II, France. He has authored more than 150 publications in journals and conferences. His one of pioneers of high-pressure crystallization of nitride semiconductors.

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Krzysztof Wegrzyn


Chemist and enterpreneur. He succesfully led many chemical companies.

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Piotr Perlin


Prof. Piotr Perlin has been involved in the study of nitride semiconductors for the last 25 years. He did many pioneering studies both in the field of basic research and device physics and technology.

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Stephen Najda

TopGaN VP Business development & sales and technical director

Dr Stephen Najda is the VP Business development & sales and technical director at TopGaN Ltd., graduated with a PhD in semiconductor physics from St. Andrews University. Experienced high-tech start-up entrepreneur with a strong track record of product development and manufacturing excellence of photonic components and optical laser systems.

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