December 2013 – Demonstrate of applicability of blue violet lasers for high speed communication – 1 and 2.5 GB modulation.

February 2013 – TopGaN showed up at Photonics West exposition at San Francisco.

TopGaN was positively prised by Photonics West organizers (click the following note).

Photonics West Show Daily 03

December 2012 – UV laser diode array (380 nm) emitting 0.5 W of optical power demonstrated.

February 2012 – TopGaN demonstrates 4 W of optical power (cw operated at room temperature) from CS-mounted laser diode array.

September 2011 – demonstration of a long lifetime „true blue” PA MBE laser (450 nm).

April 2011 – demonstration of addressable 10 stripes laser diode array.

December 2010 – TopGaN demonstrates 2.5 W, cw operated laser diode mini-array.

August 2010 – demonstration of 1.5 inch, low dislocation density, plasmonic GaN wafer by HNPS method.

September 2009 – fabrication of a laser diode with the total suppression of the mode leakage on the plasmonic HNPS GaN substrate.

June 2005 – demonstration of the first InGaN laser diodes grown by PA MBE method.

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