TGVL diodes

TopGaN is manufacturing engineering samples of laser diodes emitting in the spectral range from 380 up to 440 nm. These devices are assembled in 5.6 mm (TO-56) packages. You will find a general specification in the table below. Please tell TopGaN sales department about your requirements and we will do our best to provide you a device you need.

TGVL diode can operate under CW regime with the typical output power of 50 mW. For CW operation always remeber about the proper thermal connection of the device with a heatsink or radiator.


 Model Wavelength [nm] Threshold current [mA] Threshold voltage [V] Operating current at 50mW [mA] Operating voltage [V] Differential efficiency [W/A] Max peak power at pulse operation 10kHz, 200ns [mW]
TGVL 395-440 40-120 4.5-5.5 100-150 4.8-5.9 0.5-1.2 400

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