Founded is 2001, TopGaN was a second company in Europe to demonstrate violet laser diodes and since then it introduced many innovative technologies in the field of nitride emitters, including:

We fabricate advanced visible and UV light emitters, based on gallium nitride technology, operating in the in the spectral range  395-461 nm including:
  • Tunable wavelength laser diodes (External Cavity Laser Diodes) 
  • Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers 
  • Superluminescent diodes
  • Custom defined Photonic Integrated Circuits




TopGaN is a certified ISO 9001:2015 company



Overall policy

Promoting equal participation and development for women and men at all hierarchical levels is an integral part of our strategy and an important company objective. Since 2012, we have been rigorously pursuing this objective with targeted, mutually compatible measures that comply with the overall policy. We are promoting equal career and development opportunities across all career stages and driving cultural change toward greater gender equality.

Recruiting female scientists

We focus on recruiting female students and graduates in order to encourage more young women to develop an interest in doctoral studies and starting their careers at TopGaN Lasers.

Work-life balance

Through a variety of support measures, we create attractive working conditions for men and women so they can achieve a good work-life balance.

Cultural transformation

Raising awareness on topics such as unconscious bias and gender-sensitive language also supports the entire organization and helps to create a more equitable culture.

The comprehensive implementation and integration of the overall policy for promoting gender equality in TopGaN Lasers has been underway since 2013. This process has been supported by regular evaluations, monitoring and further development, as well as amendments to individual elements of the overall policy and dialog with various stakeholders.

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